Stress-Tested Cybersecurity

Providing and managing Cybersecurity Platforms

Don't Lose Revenue

Taking action to provide robust security in the workplace prevents a loss of productivity and your data being held ransom.

Protecting your critical systems

IT is central to all businesses, meaning your systems hold sensitive and valuable data about your staff, clients and suppliers.

Protecting this data is essential as a breach can have huge financial and reputational implications.

The more robust your security is the less likely your business is to be crippled by a cyberattack or your data held to ransom. 

Cyber security is an ongoing process, and by outsourcing your IT security to SupportWise you can rest assured that your systems will be protected from attack with 24/7 monitoring ensuring even when your business sleeps your security doesn’t.

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Super secure

Cutting-Edge Anti-Virus

Managed And Updated

With a managed service contract, your anti-virus will be kept to best industry standards, with the latest databases.

Pro-Active Defense

Attack prevention and quarantining practises stop viruses in their tracks, long before they can enter your systems.

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Cyber Essentials

SupportWise IT Services will work with your company to ensure you are protected against cyber attacks as part of a managed service contract.

Cyber security does the legwork of mitigating the threat of lost revenue to criminal activity. Being certified also tells potential customers that their data is protected according to stringent government guidelines.

Be prepared, and be secure with cyber essentials. Please note we cannot provide certification.

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STOpping malicious social-engineering

Anti-Phishing Service

How It Works

With our partnership with School of Phish, you will be provided with a range of proactive and reactive defences against the most common form of attack vector to your business.

Phishing describes the practise of damaging your business via convincing emails that usually contain viruses or other methods to acquire data and money. School of Phish helps prevent these malicious actors from doing harm.

Don't Let The Sharks Win

Through employee training, threat monitoring, testing and greater awareness, you'll be safer in the School. Enquire now to learn more and protect your business.

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PCIDSS Compliance

Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council

In order to take payment on card terminals, you must be compliant with the PCIDSS. SupportWise IT Services can help.

We support businesses that require in-person card transactions.

Secure networks that protect customer data are paramount. If you need an audit or start to finish management, contact SupportWise IT Services. Please note we cannot provide certification.

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