IT Support Platform

Giving your business support at all times of the day
Ticketing platform

Request support no matter where you are

Using our web-based platform, you can raise a ticket from wherever you are.

From your PC or Laptop
Raise tickets and order equipment
By Phone
Support available Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm
By Email
Get a ticket number immediately
Remote Support

Get up and running without downtime

Using our remote support tools, we can assist you and your users without needing to attend your site.

Get help with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Onsite support

Qualified technicians when you need them most

We understand that nothing could be worse than a PC or Laptop that won't start. For a business of any size, a loss in productivity is never a good thing. That's why we promise to be on site within 4 hours of call and within 2 hours for server support.


Infrastructure support - no matter where in the UK

More companies are moving their infrastructure off-site to datacentres. SupportWise work with partners to support your server infrastructure, wherever it may be located.

24-hour monitoring
Keep your equipment and services running all day, every dayu
4-hour response times
Onsite support at any UK datacentre within 4 hours (often less)
On and offsite backups
We work with both datacentres and BUDR partners to ensure that your data is kept backed up.

Join over 100 companies across the UK who have entrusted their IT to SupportWise