What is ITSM?
ITSM is the use of process management throughout a business. These processes are sculpted using a world-renowned set of rules know as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). This framework allows companies to put structure in place in order to increase efficiency, lower costs, and maintain data integrity.
What is ITSM360?
ITSM360 is an IT Service Management tool that fully integrates with your current Microsoft 365 environment.

ITSM360 is the only ITSM software which is hosted from your SharePoint instance and includes a full ITIL framework within a single location. No more switching between countless applications to complete a simple task. You can manage Incidents, Problems, Changes, as well as Assets and Licences behind a single pane of glass. By using ITSM360 within your organisation, additional software and hardware costs are completely eliminated and efficiencies are gained.

The most beneficial aspect of ITSM 360 is the versatility of the solution. ITSM360 integrates with Microsoft Teams, Azure Active Directory, Power BI, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (InTune).

Using these tools together gives the ability to automate a tasks which take up a huge portion of people's time. By reducing the time people spend on mindless tasks means that we can strive to work on other priorities, because of this you can focus more on the front end of your business rather than the back end.
Incident Management

Have you ever had so many emails that you don't know where to start? Or maybe someone has raised a query about an event that had taken place 3 months ago. With incident management you can keep all conversations in one single area for convenience and future reference. This saves you spending 15 minutes searching for that one email among thousands of others.

Problem Management

Ever had multiple people email in about the same issue? Can you remember how long you spent emailing the same message back to each individual person? With problem management you can consolidate all those individual emails so that you only need to manage one issue. Problem management allows you to join tickets of the same nature and treat them as a single entity. So, say goodbye to repeating yourself, and say hello to problem management.

Change Management

Up to your neck in work, but you still have that meeting about changing company policies at 1pm? With change management you can avoid these meeting by having a record shared between the relevant people showing all information about the change taking place. These records include reasoning for the change, against the change, implementation plans, testing, and even a backup plan if things go south. Set a response date and let your workforce approve when they have the available time.

Asset Management

Too many devices in the office you don't know who owns what? This is where Asset Management comes into play. This allows you to have a centralised area where you can store everything about the devices you have. This way you can keep track of who owns what, what device it is, the model, serial number, operating system, and the list goes on. This is especially useful for businesses that loan out equipment to employees.

Configuration Management

Has your office tech genius been taken ill for the day and the printer has crashed? Configuration management can help you with that. Like Asset management where you hold all the information about a device. Configuration management goes one step further. You guessed it! Configuration management allows you to store the configuration files of anything from a printer to the company servers, in the event that the person who set this up is unavailable.

Process Management

Is someone having an issue and you don't know who's the best person to be dealing with it? Process management helps create a step-by-step process in which you will take so that you can get an issue solved ASAP. Process management is the structure of dealing with events. By having this structure in place, we no longer need to be worrying about "what should I do?" regarding any situation. Instead, we train ourselves to work under pressure and escalate issues to the correct teams and keep the ball rolling.

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