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Cybersecurity is on the mind's of everybody at the moment, which is why getting local IT Support in Swindon is crucial for any business. Our dedicated team, based in Wiltshire, are here to support you with all of your IT needs.

We focus on proactive support - that is - getting problems resolved before they happen. This is the core of all of our offerings. Of course, we're available should you need reactive support too.

Our pricing is clear, concise and on our website. Something our competitors don't do. Transparency is one of our values and everything that you get and pay for is detailed out every month. How's that for a change?

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Dealing with emerging threats

Antivirus and Software Firewall with every package

Supportwise don't "bolt-on" the Antivirus as a paid extra, we include it for up to 3 devices depending on which package you choose. We believe that proactive security is important to both you and your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery - for when you need it most

Having a backup of your data is crucial and recovering that data in an emergency, moreso. It can cost a business on average £7500 a month to go through a data recovery scenario if the tools are not in place already. Our comfort package includes FREE BUDR software which is backed by our guarantee or is available as an add-on.

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Your IT problems, solved! It's never been easier to find a company who'll take care of your IT needs. Just talk with Supportwise and everything will be taken care of.

Outdated technology is the top reason why businesses lose productivity.

Working with Supportwise means you'll have access to the latest and greatest technologies that your business needs.

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