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How dangerous is a cracked phone screen?

Have you been putting off a screen repair? From fire risk to radiation exposure this article explores how unsafe cracked phone screens can be.

Benefits of Remote Support for SMEs and Sole Traders

Are you a Sole Trader or running an SME? It can be expensive to hire IT staff, but outsourcing may be a more suitable for your needs.

Why do I need a firewall?

IT jargon is bandied about regularly, i.e firewall, cookies and malware. But not everyone knows what these mean or why they are important.

How to defend against phishing emails

As cybercrime evolves it's becoming difficult to tell the truth from the scams, here's 5 tips to keep you protected against phishing emails.

Alternatives to Apple or Microsoft

Microsoft. Apple. We all know them well. But what else is out there? Here's five alternatives and why they may be good alternatives.

Is it possible to update every app on your machine, automatically?

All businesses are under threat from cybercriminals and most businesses are good at installing antivirus, antimalware and anti-ransomware software. However, if this hasn’t been updated in a while you may as well not have any protection at all.