If you are planning to change your software package for your business to digitally modernise by working more on the cloud, the decision can be a complex one.

Knowing what each package offers and how this aligns with your business goals and expectations may not be as straightforward as you would hope it to be. Add to that the possibility of using free online software as an alternative to paid packages can make the change daunting as any mistakes can have catastrophic impact on productivity.

However, Microsoft’s 365 makes the decision easier for you, as it allows you to pick and choose which parts of the package you need and makes it easy for you to adjust your subscription as your business grows and develops.

What is Office 365?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based version of the Windows desktop package. It is a complete platform meaning every product available traditionally for the desktop version is available for Microsoft365 including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint with the addition of Teams and OneDrive as well as the capability of sharing data with external clients.

Pros of Microsoft 365

There are a number of pros that make Microsoft 365 a robust choice for your business:

·  Familiarity – There is certain element of familiarity with the software as people may have been using the Windows package for a number of years, meaning it will be an easier transition for your team. The alternatives to Microsoft rarely have the same functionality and compatibility.

· Quick transition - Microsoft 365 also integrates well with SharePoint and Microsoft Office  so there will be a quick migration with limited downtime for the business, as well as offering the best option of intranet integration.

·  Collaboration - Team members can easily collaborate with shared documents in OneDrive, as well as Teams which facilitates video-conferencing.

·  Cloud based - With the majority of the UK’s workforce still working remotely Microsoft 365 makes it easier, and everything is accessible via the cloud. This makes it safer as there is no need to carry data files on USBs or send via email.

·  Extra security features – There are a number of inbuilt security features which include encrypted mail, threat intelligence and mobile device management.

·  Productivity - Through using familiar products – rather than cheap or free alternatives which may not have the same functionality – Microsoft 365 can be a great boost to productivity.

Cons of Microsoft 365

No platform is however, perfect, and therefore there are a few cons associated with using Microsoft 365 for your business.

·  Internet connection required – Without a stable internet connection productivity can be effected.

·  Outsourced privacy – With data privacy being an important aspect of any business activity, with Microsoft 365 this is outsourced to Microsoft.

·  Compatibility issues – If you are transferring your systems over to Microsoft 365, there could be compatibility issues with older software or devices.

Best for business

Microsoft 365 has been created with businesses in mind and they want to serve your business as best as they can.

Therefore, there are three different business plans available for small businesses as well as another three aimed at larger organizations. With these plans you are able to sign up for the features you need with a mix and match option, for the users that need it meaning you will never be paying for something you don’t use. Additionally, you can sign up for annual or monthly subscription meaning membership can grow (or shrink) with your business.

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