We are all familiar with cloud services offering email, storage and software applications which mean we can work anywhere there is an active internet connection.

Windows 365 Cloud PC service takes this concept one step further by doing away with the need for a PC, meaning on any PC, laptop or device anywhere in the world you have access to your virtual PC complete with all apps running on Windows 10 (and soon Windows 11) through the Azure platform.

This seems too good to be true as it means you don’t have to carry your laptop with you when you travel knowing you can log in anyway and have access to everything on your PC. This is a complete game changer in the current world with more and more people working remotely.

Benefits to Your Business

This new service is available to anyone who already has a Microsoft 365 Business subscription and could potentially reduce the costs of equipment investment for businesses and could lengthen the work life of a PC, but there are also other benefits.

·     Two subscription plans – There is the Windows 365 Business, for organisations with less than 300 users and the more complex Windows 365 Enterprise which offers more control and features.

·     Scalable and flexible – Depending on your business needs you can customise the virtual PC, configuring the size, RAM and CPU. This can then be reduced or increased as necessary. The lower end at about £15 per user per month provides a vCPU, 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of OneDrive storage rising to 8 vCPUs, 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of OneDrive storage for £118 per month per user.

·     Simple – The virtual PC works the same as a real PC, in the sense users can pick up where they left off in the previous session, even on different devices and IT departments have the same control as they would in a traditional office setting.

·     Secure – By taking the PC into the cloud the risk of a security breach is much more minimal on an individual device meaning data is safer with Windows 365 than it is on a traditional PC.

·     Compatible – Windows 365 is compatible with all Microsoft 365 products as well as any Windows 10 compatible applications. It will also give you the option to connect to clipboard, microphone, and printer connected to the device used meaning the PC experience is seamless. Windows 365 is also compatible with Mac, Android and Microsoft products.

·     Per user subscription – With flexible monthly subscription plans you only pay for what you actually need when you need it.

·     Support 365 – Support is included in the subscription fees, so you’ll pay nothing for IT support throughout your subscription.

Disadvantages of Windows 365

No system is flawless, and Windows 365 is in the early days of availability so there could be some compatibility glitches, but there are a few known disadvantages to the service.

·     Accessibility - As with any cloud-based service it is only as good as the internet connection. Therefore, if the internet connection is poor, or there isn’t one there is no access to your PC.

·     Cost – Starting at $20 (£15) to $163(£118) per user per month, depending on configuration, Windows 365 is one of the more expensive services they offer which could be off-putting for smaller businesses.

·     Complex hybrid subscriptions – To receive a discount on the monthly subscription you have to bring your own licenses.

·     Data cap – There is a data cap for upstream traffic of between 20GB and 70GB per user per month so intense data processing or video editing will be problematic on this system.

If you are curious about whether Windows 365 will work for you and your business, get in touch with the team at SupportWise today.