We are living in a time of heightened threats of cybercrime and regular malware and ransomware attacks. Whilst installing anti-virus software on your business PCs is the first step in the defence against these attacks, the anti-virus software is only effective if it is regularly updated.

However, remembering to update every single app or software on every single business machine can be problematic:

  • Updates may not happen if software is left running.
  • Reminders can be ignored or postponed.
  • Finding the time to run updates on dozens or hundreds of machines may be challenging.

Wouldn’t it be great if every app on all of your company’s machines could be updated automatically; whether software is left running or machines are offline.

Well, it can!

Here at SupportWise we offer automatic updates using the Ninite Pro software, a cost effective and efficient way to ensure all your software and apps are kept updated on time (so yes, it's possible!)

What is Ninite Pro?

Ninite Pro is patch management software designed for commercial use which can patch, update and secure business software automatically following an initial set-up. It works on Windows PCs running Windows 7 and later versions.

Ninite Pro services more than 100 apps which include Java, Flash, Zoom, Google, Yahoo and Adobe reader. All can be set up to update on thousands of machines automatically.

Rather than having to load Ninite Pro onto all of your company’s PCs you can load it onto one networked machine which will then link to others on the network. Then via an online web interface you can set up each machine remotely to install, update or uninstall as necessary. Therefore, it takes minutes rather than hours to update all your organisation’s machines.

Using the online web-interface you can access the audit feature which lists all the networked machines, and what software is running, and whether there is a more recent version.

This interface gives you total control over every computer linked to it, enabling you to specify what you would like to install, update or uninstall on what machine and when. Even if a machine is offline, the specified updates will happen automatically as soon as that machine is online again. You are also able to specify whether updates should be done as soon as an update is available or on a specified date and time.

Although, Ninite Pro only services just over 100 apps, there is a workaround to include non-supported software on the interface, and ensure they are updated regularly.

How can Ninite Pro help your business?

How can this single piece of software help your business?

  • It is cost effective costing as little as £1.20 per machine per month.
  • Ninite Pro saves your IT administrators time. Instead of spending hours setting up and updating dozens or hundreds of machines it can be done in a matter of minutes.
  • There are different payment tiers to suit your business needs from one machine to 20,000 computers.
  • Licencing is based on computers and not users or sites. Therefore, when machines are retired and replaced the new computer can be linked in place of the old one.
  • Software downloaded using the Ninite Pro app is guaranteed to be adware free – so none of those annoying tool bars.
  • You have total control over what is installed, updated and uninstalled, when it happens and on what machines.
  • Everything is controlled through the easy to use online web-interface.
  • Ninite Pro is streamlined by downloading caching to save bandwidth.
  • Updates are available immediately, meaning you can set up your network to run updates as soon as they are available.

Keeping your software updated with the latest patches, security and updates ensures your business’s hardware and ultimately your data will be safe from malware, ransomware and other viruses. Rather than relying on manual systems to ensure updates are run on all of your software, having it automated will make your work life easier and more efficient.

What’s next?

If you would like to discuss how Ninite Pro would benefit your business and help keep your data secure get in touch with SupportWise today. Ninite Pro is easy to install and quick to set up ensuring that you will be up to date almost immediately.