When it comes to business packages Microsoft 365 (previously sold as Office 365) is one of the most popular. In June 2021 there were 731,663 companies using it in the USA and 187,403 businesses in the UK.

Although Google Workspace count their figures in users rather than companies, they were a close second to Microsoft 365 in the marketplace.

However, just because a product is more popular does it mean it is right for your business?

Features of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (which was formerly Office 365) offers a comprehensive package which includes:

·   Web only for the £3.40 package.

·   Desktop apps available at Business Standard or higher.

·   Email (50 GB mailbox) and shared calendars

·   OneDrive with up to 1TB of storage

·   File sharing internally and externally

·   Ability to access and sync files on PC, Mac or mobile devices

·   Microsoft Teams with a capacity of up to 300 attendees

·   Microsoft Forms & Bookings also available on all packages as well as much more.

Microsoft 365 starts at £3.80 per user per month with the Premium package costing £15.10 per user per month. As well as the option for specific plans such as their Microsoft Exchange plan which starts at £3.00 per user per month and provides a secure 50GB business mailbox (per user). Furthermore, Microsoft also provide the option for a one month free trial if you wish to try before you buy any of their business packages.

Features of Google Workspace

Google Workspace has recently rebranded and was formally known as G-Suite and offers a similar package to Microsoft 365. However, one key difference between Microsoft and Google is that Workspace is a web / browser based solution which doesn't require an app to be downloaded to a PC / Mac. Google believe Workspace has more integration, communication and collaboration at its heart.

There are a number of features for businesses including:

·        Gmail plus a custom email for your business

·        Shared calendars

·        Google Meet (with between 100 and 250 people per meeting depending on subscription level)

·        Chat

·        Google Drive storage (with between 30GB and 5TB of storage depending on subscription level)

·        Google Docs (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint capability which can all be shared with other users)

·        Google Forms

The business subscriptions for Google Workspace vary in cost from between £4.14 per user per month to £13.80 per user per month with different features available for each one. Although there are no free subscription packages there is an opportunity to try the product free for 14 days.

What’s best for your business?

Obviously with two very similar products it can be difficult to know which would be right for your particular business, which is why the try before you buy trials are particularly useful. Microsoft offer a longer trial than Google Workspace meaning you do have more time to see if the product is right for you.

The strongest argument for choosing Microsoft 365 over Google Workspace, is familiarity. If you already use Windows based apps you will easily be able to adopt the Microsoft 365 package with no disruption. You also receive desktop and mobile versions of the Microsoft 365 package which can make reading, editing and sharing documents so much easier. However, saying this, Google Workspace enables the creation of both Workspace and MS Office documents whereas Microsoft 365 only allows you to create the latter.

The Microsoft 365 applications generally have more features than the Google Workspace equivalents making them more user friendly. Also, Microsoft 365 is more generous with the storage available for the lower level subscriptions whereas for the Premium Workspace packages the storage is much more at 5TB.

If your business regularly hosts large-scale meetings then Microsoft Teams is the better option, as more participants are able to attend.

For a business that is planning to scale quickly Google Workspace could be the option for you, as there are no limits on the number of users, even on the cheaper packages whereas Microsoft 365 is capped at 300 users.

For a varied business Google Workspace may be the better option as it is compatible with various devices and operating systems whereas Microsoft 365 is more limited - although, to dispel a myth, you are not locked into the Windows OS as there are Mac and Linux compatible options.

Additionally, as everything in Workspace is Cloud based this could be more efficient for a company who has no centralised networked office space relying on a remote team.

What next?

If you are looking to change your work suite and you are not sure which would be right for your business, why not give the team at Supportwise a call? We can get you online, collaborating and sharing in no time at all, or if you're simply curious about the process or what your options are, we'd be happy to have a no obligation chat with you.