Frequently Asked Questions

We love answering all of your questions, find out the most common ones below.

1. Common Questions

Q: Why do you only do 12 month or 30 day rolling contracts?

We believe that every business should have the choice to change their mind at any time. That's why we keep our contracts as short as possible. 12 months is a good starting place to see if you like what we do. Other contract options are available.

Q: Can I change my package at any time?

All 12 month contracts come with a 6 month break clause, so you can drop down to 30 day rolling prices after this time. All 30-day rolling can be upgraded to a 12 month package at any point during the term.

Q: Do you offer any other services?

Yes! We are Microsoft Partners so can setup and integrate Office 365 for your business. We're also literate in Google Workspace. For our managed services clients, we also offer hosted VOIP or UK Based Web Hosting.

Q: I like the look of your platform, can we implement it ourselves?

Supportwise IT Services has partnered up with ITSM Company to offer ITSM 360 as a separate service to our managed services platform. If you're interested in ITSM 360, check out our dedicated page for this.

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2. UK Based Web Hosting & Design

Q: How much traffic can the hosting handle?

Our hosting scales dependent on your needs. If we notice increases in traffic, we will take measures to protect the site if we believe it is malicious. Should your site just become really popular (one of our webpages gets 1500 hits a day), then we'll decide the next best steps to keep your site running 24/7/365.

Q: Where are your datacentres?

We work with Krystal Hosting who have servers based in London as well as our own dedicated equipment in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Your website will be placed on the most effective server for its needs, however, if you have a preference, let us know.

Q: Can I host my site somewhere else?

Should you get Supportwise IT Services to design your site, we'd be more than happy to help you host it elsewhere, should you feel that this is right for you or your business. We offer 1 year's free hosting with all designs which we complete, but the content always remains your property.

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3. Website Security

Q: How do you keep your webservers secure?

We implement military grade encryption on our servers as well as having a robust firewall and good security practise. We limit who has access to the server from an administrative perspective as well as having named accounts, multi-factor authentication and IP restrictions. We take the security of your websites seriously and are more than happy to discuss this in further details.

Q: What happens if I were to have a DDoS attack against my site?

Our servers have 2Tbps DDoS protection included as standard. This will mitigate the majority of attacks in normal circumstances. Should we notice anything untowards, we will take all reasonable measures to protect your site first and foremost, as well as the servers it would be hosted on.

Q: How can I keep my website secure?

The easiest way you can personally keep your website secure is by ensuring that you have a strong password to all areas, do not repeat any passwords and enable multi-factor authentication when it is supported. We do this as standard for all administrative accounts which we hold and we encourage end users to do the same.

Q: Should I allow users to upload files?

If the nature of your business requires this, then we encourage it and have done for a few of our sites. This could be uploading images for orders, creating photos for membership directories or accepting files to support your clients (we would know, as an IT firm). We prevent uploads of files which could damage the server or end user computers. It is against our terms to use our servers for hosting malware and we enforce this with a 0 tolerance policy.

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4. Pricing Plans

Q: Why do you charge per user rather than per device?

We like to give our clients the flexibility to decide how much or little we support them. We have use cases, especially where subcontractors are involved, where they need support for only a subset of users, rather than a subset of devices. We also don't believe that we should charge more for mobile support. We're living in an age where people have multiple devices, and we're all for that. There's enough on my desk as I type this out. We also don't add any infrastructure costs (other than servers) so there's no additional charges for managing firewalls, printers, modems etc.

Q: What kind of support does Supportwise IT Services provide?

The general consensus is that if it plugs into a wall at some time and runs an operating system, we'll look after it.

Q: Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. If you do, you'll be downgraded to the free Starter plan, where you can manage two unhosted projects. You won't be locked out of any sites that have hosting set up, even if you're on the free Starter plan.

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